"Creativity is just connecting things" - Steve Jobs

There’s a certain magic at work in the world right now.

It’s the opportunity to connect things in unconventional ways. That’s magic…

The absence of pressure to follow a literal path. To avoid the obvious and to always be asking why. To create markets not fight for market share.

This is design and design thinking.

Zooming out to levels of abstraction, connecting things that are seemingly unrelated, and zooming back down to see if the connections are relevant and useful. And finally, asking the question(s)


Do the connections create value?

Are they meaningful?

Design is having its moment right now. Design is emerging as a strategic asset and discipline, and when embraced and executed well, it can transform businesses, experiences and the world around us.

This is design.

Thoughtful, deep dives into the problems and opportunities in the world around us. Developing empathic understanding for the audience we’re serving, identifying what is of utmost utilitarian value to this audience and finally, using aesthetics to guide users through a simple and easy to use experience.

Dreaming in Pixels.

Your project becomes my obession.

I dream in pixels.

I’ve been involved in startups, business and design for over 15 years, and I’m obsessed with where these things intersect.

Design is my life’s blood. I love it.

Translating design into economic value for businesses, products and all stakeholders is in my DNA.

Making this connection forms my mental model of business and design.

It’s how I think about design. How does it create value?

For me design is not decoration, it’s how the system works as a whole.

I take this approach to my craft and start every project with a clear mind and a unique process for the problems we’re solving.

Jon Myers Design Studio

From startups to governements to scientific research organizations, clients approach us from many different points to address a wide range of product challenges. As a result, we’ve built a wide-ranging distributed network of experts who can rise to any challenge.

User Experience

Deep empathic understanding for the user and the nature of the problem we’re solving must be established. We dig into the challenges and set the right course for design.

Interface Design

A great interface can’t just be a collection of “good looking” pixels. It must be a well executed system that solves complex problems as a whole.


From brand development to strategic marketing execution we get into the heart of the company and collaborate on these strategic developments with our clients.

Got a project you’d like to work together on?

"Engineer your own serendipity."

Growing up, I grew up in scenes.

Scenes that revolved around expression, communication and forming tribes of like-minded peers.

These scenes have been key to engineering my own serendipity, unlocking opportunities and instrumental in wiring my brain for design, business and life.

The skateboarding, independent music and now location independent entrepreneurial movement form the backbone, the spine of my outlook.

Skateboarding teaches one to deal with risk, falling down and getting back up. To creatively look at one’s environment and interpret it for opportunities.

Sounds like business, right?

The independent music scene challenges one to consider what are their negotiables and non-negotiables, to form a values system and to hold those values as you might communicate ideas that are unpopular.

Communicating unpopular ideas forms the basis of entrpreneurship, and is a predictor of success in life. As is dealing with risk. Assessing what are appropriate levels of risk and executing, doing things based on your interpretation of that risk.

The location independent entrepreneur movement.

The scripts of “what we’re supposed to be doing” are changing, fading away. You know the script of go to school, get a job, get a house and so on. In their place is the opportunity to write one’s own script. An evolution of the concept of leveraging the forces of globalization first described in Thomas Friedman’s book The World is Flat, and beyond what Tim Ferris polished for the masses in the Four Hour Work Week.

There’s an evolution.

People ranging from designers at Apple to A-List post-college grads are ditching the old scripts and are writing their own scripts. They’re showing up in location independent entrepreneur hubs like Chiang Mai, Saigon, Medellin and Berlin to work on their startups to connect with others in the movement and to scale their creations. This story needs to get out there.

Earth on Fire

I’m on the front-lines and a member of this movement. I see this movement as The Earth on Fire where those old scripts of what we’re supposed to be doing burning away and the opportunity to write our own script taking its place. This - is the Earth on Fire. Renewal of the scripts around us.

Get Notified

We’re working on a total refresh of this site and will be launching with an epic long-form story that tells the story of this movement, The Earth on Fire. The story will launch complete with video interviews, a podcast, images, and details of members who are writing their own scripts.

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For all interview requests, general questions and inquiries, feel free to just shoot me an email. Email me at - hello [at] jonmyers dot com.