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Banking - UX, UI, iOS, Android, web application, marketing site

In the beginning, I worked directly with the investment partners and founding team to help create an all new digital bank from scratch. I did all initial product design, created all design systems for web and mobile applications over the period of a year.

A look behind the curtain:

The UX framework that drove our design philosophy:

Timo Product Framework

The UX experience map for the project:

Timo Application Map

Timo was heralded as one of the most innovative, easiest to use digital banks in Southeast Asia.

They now have over 80,000 customers.

How One Fintech Company Created Lifestyle Banking In Vietnam


Leep Connect - California Fitness

Consumer, Social, Marketplace - UX, UI, iOS, Android, web application, marketing site

I worked with the California Fitness Investment Group on the end to end design of this startup. This was a very involved project that entailed the creation and design of four mobile applications, a marketing site, backend saas, and administration site.


E-Commerce - brand creation and identity, UX, UI, site design, implementation

I assisted the company in naming, did the brand creation, design of the site (all UX/ UI), managed the coding of the HTML prototype of the site, and finding technical talent for the creation of the creation of the site.

They now have over 80 employees.

You can see the site here:


Healthcare - branding, UX, UI, site design

HelloBacsi is an online medical resource where Vietnamese can look up ailments, get information on doctors, hospitals and so on. The startup has raised funds against this design and is now opening an office in Indonesia.

They’ve raised several rounds of capital:

Singapore’s Hello Health Group raises US$1.5M to bring healthcare info to the average Southeast Asian


E-Commerce - UX, UI, site design, implementation

A basic e-commerce site with Shopify implementation. We did innovate on the checkout procedure.


Finance/ Insurance - UX, UI, backend saas design, marketing website

A marketing website and all backend site design. This site has complicated charting and lots of document management considerations.


Telecommunications - UX, UI, iOS, Android, marketing site

The large mobile telecommunications provider of Cambodia, Cellcard needed a complete design makeover for all their websites and mobile applications. I did all end to end design.


Consumer Photo App - UX, UI, iOS, Android, marketing site


Consumer Photo App - UX, UI, iOS, Android

Works Still Thriving

Vancouver Visas

B2C - UX, UI, marketing site

Vancouver Visas had a challenge - how to stand out amongst the many other immigration services in Canada.

We developed a “story based solution” versus simply inserting one liner testimonials.

This new site and brand resulted in a 60%+ lift in conversion and business.

I designed this site over 3 years ago and they haven’t changed a thing:

Empire Flippers

Saas, B2B - branding, UX, UI, backend design, marketing site

The Empire Flippers - a high-end website brokerage needed a redesign. We redesigned the site from the ground up and it resulted a serious lift in business. Their business has more than doubled.

This is also around three years old and still working:

You can read about the redesign of the site here:


Saas, B2B - branding, UX, UI, backend design, marketing site

I redesigned the marketing site and the backend application. I am also an equity holder of this company.

This was done four years ago and is basically the same:


Touch & Gesture based Network Visualization tool

This is a touch and gesture based user interface I developed (all UX and UI, application flow, visual design) for visualizing computer networks, taking action on and healing nodes, etc., for government contractor Battelle.

Example dashboard screen:

Battelle renamed this application Gordon (named after the founder of the organization) and thus, I got a lot of attention for my work there.

DNA Web Application

I had the privilege of working with one of the Doctors who was a pioneer of DNA profiling techniques and Battelle on a web application to replace Codis, which the FBI uses for human identification:

Writing on Design

Design: Seeing Without Thinking

Writing on Design for Financial Services on

How to unlock the future of money and create a fairer world

What will future innovation in the banking sector look like?

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